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Help Support Pele Prints

This week our stay at home order officially begins for the city of St. Louis. We've already seen things slow to a halt at the studio, but the full impact of the coronavirus remains to be seen in so many ways.

Right now, we can really use your help.


We are still shipping art to anyone who wants to add to or start their collection. We've put together a selection of small, affordable, one of a kind, framed prints from Amanda Verbeck—all ready to send to you for $60 per print (domestic shipping included). And all of the prints in our gallery are available, too! Just send us an email to learn more.

Thank you for keeping art in your life and for supporting Pele Prints! 

Pele Day-by-Day

We all know things are tough right now...the isolation, confusion, and worry are real. Here at Pele Prints, we've been thinking a lot about what we can do both in and out of studio. Are there ways we help others right now? How can we stay healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically? What will we do when we're stuck at home? How can we keep our business going through all of this?

So, here's what we came up with: Pele Day-by-Day.


Every day during this coronavirus uncertainty, we will share activities, art, projects, ideas, beauty, and love via Facebook and Instagram. One post per day. Reaching out to our Pele family, the community, and hopefully beyond.

Together we will make it through.