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Fine art print flat files


The art here was printed and published at Pele Prints. All of the prints are for sale. Please contact us for pricing and current availability.

Micro and macro, universal and personal, large and small, simple and complex. These relationships and dichotomies are central to Amanda’s creative endeavors. Using science and nature as her inspiration, Amanda creates work with cellular structures, plant forms, and the human body, focusing on the often small and forgotten elements that are all around and part of us. She strives to bring unseen worlds (both literal and figurative) to the forefront, highlighting their intrigue and beauty.


Amanda Verbeck was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. She received her BFA in Printmaking in 2001 from Washington University in St. Louis. After graduation, she continued to gain knowledge about collaborative printing through a Master Printer apprenticeship with Maryanne Ellison Simmons at Wildwood Press. In 2006, Amanda opened Pele Prints. She also continues to work as a studio artist, creating prints, collages, and mixed media works on paper.

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