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Fine art print flat files


The art here was printed and published at Pele Prints. All of the prints are for sale. Please contact us for pricing and current availability.

"Grant Miller’s work mimics the hyper-exposure of information in our society, building up layers through accumulation and maximizing singular marks. As a painter, the alternation between two-dimensional and three-dimensional space provides the visual foundation for his work. However, the works on paper made in collaboration with Pele Prints set up a scene for deconstruction, focusing on specific aspects that reoccur in his paintings, providing a space to edit and extract its detailed components."

– Dana Turkovic, Independent Curator


Grant Miller is a graduate of Washington University, St. Louis, MO with a MFA in Printmaking and Drawing (2003). He studied Printmaking at the Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO. Miller’s work has been included in “More is More: Maximalist Tendencies in Painting” – a group exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL and in New American Paintings, Book #71, 2007 Midwest Edition. He has been awarded residencies in Millay Colony of the Arts in Austerlitz, NY and Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris, France.

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