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Fine art print flat files


The art here was printed and published at Pele Prints. All of the prints are for sale. Please contact us for pricing and current availability.

The gesture is paramount in Ken Wood's series with Pele Prints. Individual strokes are layered to create the larger image. Each movement exists independent of the others, but all interact with one another to create moments of tension, overlap, and intersection. The print becomes a study in both color and geometry. Ken uses these formal visual cues to guide the viewer through and into the piece. We get the sense that we are only getting a small glimpse into a larger world that exists outside of the paper's edge.


Ken Wood is a painter and printmaker in St Louis, MO. He has a professional degree in Architecture from Rice University in Houston, TX and an MFA in Printmaking from Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia/Rome. He has exhibited his paintings, drawings, and prints in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Missouri, Mississippi and in Italy. He has curated shows in Italy and Missouri, has been a contributing author for Foundations in Art: Theory and Education (a trade journal), and has collaborated with and had his prints published by Pele Prints in St Louis, MO. He has taught drawing and design at the Rhode Island School of Design, Wesleyan University, Temple University in Rome, Virginia Tech, and Washington University, and is currently Associate Professor of Printmaking at St. Louis Community College - Meramec.

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