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Pele Prints printmaking studio

At Pele Prints, we work with everyone from artists to advisors, educators to curators, collectors to consultants.


We partner with art advisors and curators to place the prints we make in collections around the world. Our pieces can be found in hotels, hospitals, corporate offices, airports, cruise ships, and private collections.

When it comes to making prints, we collaborate with artists from all printing experience is necessary. Artists create a wide range of work using photo lithography, woodcut, relief, intaglio, and screen printing techniques. Since the studio is equipped with large presses, many projects highlight large-format printing.


A small number of artists are invited to publish art at Pele Prints each year. Print publishing is curated, by invitation only, and costs are covered by the studio. Once the work is complete, the studio and the artist split the finished pieces. Check out our gallery to see work published at Pele. To be considered for print publishing, please send us examples of your work.



Contract printing is always welcome at the studio. Artists drop off their project, and we do the rest! The cost is $40/hour. If you're interested in having a project printed at Pele Prints, contact us for an estimate.


Need artwork for your office or home? Want something customized for you or your client's needs? Pele Prints can work with you and our artists to make the perfect print for your space. Email us for more info.


All of the prints that we publish are for sale. We are proud to work with amazing curators and consultants from around the world. Visit our online gallery to see what we currently have available for your clients. 


For artists looking for a one-on-one experience in the Pele Prints studio, we offer private studio time with a master printer. Use this time to expand your knowledge and add new tools to your studio arsenal. Or simply focus on creating a fine-tuned body of work. The cost is $60/hour.


For universities, organizations, and institutions looking for an artist visit, we offer demos, workshops, and lectures at your location. These can all be customized to meet your us for more info.

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