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Pele Workshops offers classes covering a wide variety of printmaking techniques. Through our workshops, participants have the unique opportunity to work in the Pele Prints facilities alongside peers and printmaking professionals in an environment that is all about producing your best work.


All of our workshops are designed to be flexible. Instead of working off of a set calendar, you decide which class you're interested in and when you want to schedule it. The tuition is a flat rate for each workshop, and each class can include anywhere from 1-10 students. It's up to you!


Workshops are for ages 16+, and no printing experience is necessary. Prices include tuition and inks. All specialty materials, plates, and items are available for an additional materials fee. We offer four studio-based workshops and one classroom style workshop. The studio-based workshops are hands-on, two day classes that cover a specific printmaking technique. The classroom style workshop is a one day seminar. The workshops to choose from are below. Have questions? Ready to schedule your workshop? Contact us for all the details.


$500, 2 day
From drawings to stencils to photographs, photo lithography lets you print your images beautifully. Come learn a modern take on one of the oldest forms of printmaking.


$500, 2 day
Parts & Pieces is a fun and experimental workshop for all skill levels. Learn how all types of materials, from bristol board to found objects, can be used to create unique printed images.


$500, 2 day
Learn all the down and dirty tricks for printing silkscreens on paper and fabric. We'll cover three simple techniques that will get you hooked on this versatile process.


$500, 2 day
This non-toxic intaglio printmaking technique is a great alternative to traditional etching with acids and fumes. Using just sunlight and water, solar plates are the way to go. We'll also share other non-toxic studio tips to make your artmaking safer.


$300, 1 day
Whether you're a recent art grad, a convert to the art world, or a currently working artist, the Business of Art can help you discover what it takes to make a living making art. We'll go over everything from the nuts and bolts of good business practices to the best ways to present and market your work. Come learn all the stuff they didn't teach you in art school!

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