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What We Do at Pele Prints: Contract Printing

Updated: Apr 3

Let's say that an artist has an idea for a project, big or small, but it doesn't quite fit into the wheelhouse of Pele Prints publishing. Maybe it's just a different aesthetic, or maybe there's a tight deadline to meet. Whatever the reason, fear not! This is where contract printing comes in to save the day.

Contract printing is really straightforward: the artist drops off their project at the studio, and we do the rest. We talk about the details of the project (including edition size, paper type, and colors), and then I provide an estimate for the work. The current hourly contract printing rate is $40/hour.

We have done everything from small Christmas cards to large-scale diptych woodcuts. Each contract printing job is different, just like each artist is unique. You can check out some of our contract printing projects on Instagram.

Clockwise from top left:

Peter Manion, Sandy Walker, Skif, Adam Himoff

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