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What We Do at Pele Prints: Print Publishing

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Sometimes it can be tough to give an elevator pitch for what it is we do at Pele Prints. There are so many different aspects of this business, and I realize it doesn't always make sense to other folx at first glance. So I thought it would be good to break it down and give an overview for each part. Welcome to "What We Do at Pele Prints"!

Laura Berman printing at Pele Prints
Laura Berman printing at Pele Prints

Print publishing is at the heart of what we do at the Pele Prints studio. In a nutshell, I invite artists to collaborate with me to create a body of work on paper. Once the project is complete, the prints are available for purchase. You can see currently available pieces in our website gallery.

Sounds simple enough, right? Yes and no. There are so many moving parts with a print publishing project. The beginning stages of a collaboration can take years to develop, with lots of conversations and back-and-forth sharing of ideas with the artist. Logistics are a big part of the initial stages as well. Will the artist come to the studio to complete the project or will it be done long distance? How many prints will we make together and what sizes will they be? What print techniques will we use? Are we creating editions or monoprints? The list goes on, and every detail has to be worked out.

Once the printing starts, the dance begins. Collaboration is all about give and take, being open to each others ideas, learning to communicate, and a whole lot of trust. I'm always so grateful that our Pele Prints artists trust me to be a part of their art means so much! We learn from each other and grow together during the process. And in the end, we make some pretty amazing work.

Arya supervising the final layers on Laura Berman's prints
Arya supervising the final layers on Laura Berman's prints

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Mar 21, 2023
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